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Spray Tanning

Spray Tans

Customizable Spray Tan $45- Formulating a specific color that you are trying to achieve, this type of tan must be left on 8-12 hours after application.

Rapid Tan $50- Depending on how dark you are trying to get this type of tan will allow you to shower 2-4 hours after application.

Spray Treatments 

Ditch the tan and get a spray treatment to improve your overall skin condition​!

Skin Firming: $15

Anti-aging: $15

CBD treatment: $15


Our additives enhance your tan by adding a certain scent, glow or

beneficial additives like our anti-aging.

Glow: $5

Smells: $5

Anti-aging: $10

Skin Firming: $10

CBD: $10

Our Blends

Aloe Vera- Just like the Aloe Vera plant, this blend helps moisturize the skin while leaving a beautiful olive glow. 

Icon Reserve- This blend is opposite of Aloe Vera, it is quick drying and alcohol based, good for all skin types. 

Luxe Violet- Luxe is the newest formula, it is alcohol based and includes deep brown tones.

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